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Show-Ya -Showdown lp [red]


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Red vinyl

Show-Ya have been sitting firmly on the throne of the Japanese female metal scene for years. With their national hits, TV appearances and Japan’s biggest female band event, Show-Ya’s largest self-hosted female band event, they are one of the most popular heavy metal acts in the country, male or female. Many younger musicians have also been greatly influenced by Show-Ya over the years. Formed back in 1982 and to celebrate their 35th anniversary they release Showdown, a down-to-earth album with a strong heavy metal influence. Showdown was produced by Nozomu Wakai (Alcatrazz, Ronnie Romero). The mastering was done by Jacob Hansen (Vollbeat, Pretty Maids).

Track list:
1. Eye To Eye
2. Never
3. Heavy Metal Feminity-with Doro Pesch
4. Tokyo, I Scream
5. Kiss In The Riot
6. Wind
7. Thunder
8. Hold Me
9. Don’t Runaway
10. Rocks
11. So

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