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In.Si.Dia ‎–Denso Inganno cd


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Italian thrash metal act released two albums back in the 90s before they disappeared. Then they returned in 2007 and released their comeback album, Denso Anganno. This is an energetic, angry, hot and controversial album dedicated to old school Thrash metal but never predictable. The album bases its strength on both the musical and the lyrical factor; the album is sung in Italian, which was a courageous choice. The album is a journey in search of ourselves, a journey that hurts. Delusions, fears, anguishes … yet, the desire for revenge, to react, to give a shock to our existence. This is not a concept album but still there is a basic concept. In.Si.Dia is back and with albums like this its a welcome return

Track list:
1. Il Mondo Possibile
2. Mai Perdere Il Controllo
3. A Causa Tua
4. Cosa Resta
5. Denso Inganno
6. La Casa Dei Segreti
7. Sogno Reale
8. Il Vero Potere
9. Sintesi
10. Non Sei Vinto
11. A Conti Fatti

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