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Siebenburgen -Revelation VI cd


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Revelation VI is the aptly titled sixth release from the newly reunited Swedish melodic black metal band Siebenburgen (Seven Castles). The band has gained great notoriety throughout Europe through constant touring and some well-timed festival appearances. Their sound is a unique blend of gothic and black metal and Revelation VI can best be described as dark masterpiece forged in flames and enveloped in a thick and gloomy atmosphere. The album also features a special guest appearance by Andy LaRocque (King Diamond).

Track list:
1. Awaken
2. Rebirth Of The Nameless
3. Infernaliia
4. Revelation VI
5. Grimheim
6. After The Wolf (Do Dead Men Follow)
7. S.I.N.
8. The Oaken Throne
9. The Soulless
10. In Sanctum
11. Fire Leaps High
12. At The End Of Twilight

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