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Siege Of Power –Warning Blast lp [marbled]


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Grey marbled vinyl. Limited 300 numbered copies

Siege Of Power is a new death metal project with members of Asphyx and Hail Of Bullets that has teamed up with Autopsy vocalist Christ Reifert. No bullshit compromises of any kind whatsoever. That’s what Siege Of Power is all about. All recordings on their debut album Warning Blast were done in just a few hours and most of the music and lyrics were written on the spot. The raw and intense songs contain a wide variety of styles. Fierce, powerful riffs, a brutal bass and pounding drums are combined with sheer vocal insanity. Warning Blast features 19 no-nonsense extreme metal tracks mixed with several doomdozers. Influences vary from Carnivore and SOD to Discharge and Amebix, done in their own style. With Warning Blast the quartet releases a prime example for delivering their own brand of pure violent metal!

Track list:
1. Conquest For What?
2. For The Pain
3. Bulldozing Skulls
4. Born Into Hate
5. Torture Lab
6. Uglification
7. Trapped And Blinded
8. Diatribe
9. Warning Blast
10. Mushroom Cloud Altar
11. Lost And Insane
12. Bleeding For The Cause
13. Escalation ’til Extermination
14. Privileged Prick
15. Short Fuse
16. Violence In The Air
17. It Will Never Happen
18. The Cold Room

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