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Sigh -Eastern Darkness dlp


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Original 2021 double album press on black vinyls with gatefold cover

Compilation from the Japanese Metal band. With a journey through the strange and the psychedelic, incorporating a whole eclectic mix of genre styles and experimentation throughout their career, Sigh has remained a vital creative force in the avantgarde field. However, at it’s core, Sigh has always remained true to it’s roots of old school Metal. Eastern Darkness contains a comprehensive collection of Sigh’s early rare works showing their swift musical evolution as well as the strong utilisation of keyboards in their compositional process throughout. The collection includes the band’s legendary demo tapes, Desolation, and Tragedies, plus their EPs and rarities, as well as contributions to various compilation releases in the mid 1990s. Acknowledging Sigh’s well-known regard for UK legends Venom throughout it’s career, Eastern Darkness also contains the band’s own tribute to the 1980s Black Metal pioneers, in the form of tribute To Hell And Back, originally released on tape in 1995.

Track list:
1. Weakness Within-from Desolation demo 1990
2. Desolation Of My Mind-from Desolation demo 1990
3. Mentally Numb-from Desolation demo 1990
4. Death Throes-Tragedies demo 1990
5. Sigh-Tragedies demo 1990
6. Mentally Numb-Tragedies demo 1990
7. Desolation Of My Mind-Tragedies demo 1990
8. The Knell-from Requiem For Fools EP 1992
9. Desolation-from Requiem For Fools EP 1992
10. Taste Defeat-from Requiem For Fools EP 1992
11. The Zombie Terror-from Far East Gate In Inferno compilation 1994
12. Suicidogenic-Split EP with Kawir 1994
13. Schizo-Venom cover-Split EP with Kawir 1994
14. Carnage-Mayhem cover
15. The Seven Gates Of Hell-Venom cover
16. Black Metal-Venom cover
17. The Shadowking
18. Black Metal-Venom cover-To Hell And Back 1995
19. The Seven Gates Of Hell-Venom cover-To Hell And Back 1995
20. Schizo-Venom cover-To Hell And Back 1995
21. Welcome To Hell-Venom cover-To Hell And Back 1995
22. Poison-Venom cover-To Hell And Back 1995
23. Witching Hour-Venom cover-To Hell And Back 1995

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