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Sinister ‎–Deformation Of The Holy Realm lp [red]


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Red vinyl with gatefold cover. Limited 150 numbered copies

Death metal icons Sinister returned in 2020 with their 14th studio album Deformation Of The Holy Realm, and it offers everything a death metal enthusiast’s heart hopes for. Balanced songs with old school and recognizable structures full of catchy riffs and hooks as well as an extreme brutal sound take the band even another step forward. This record cost us blood, sweat and tears – but we are proud as hell of this brutal piece of art – Sinister

Track list:
1. The Funeral March
2. Deformation Of The Holy Realm
3. Apostles Of The Weak
4. Unbounded Sacrilege
5. Unique Death Experience
6. Scourged By Demons
7. Suffering From Immortal Death
8. Oasis Of Peace -Blood From The Chalice
9. The Ominous Truth
10. Entering The Underworld

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