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Sinister Angel ‎–Enter The Gates Of Hell cd


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2016 reissue with a 16-page booklet, with cult photos of the band, biography, lyrics and both original and new fantasy artwork.

Almost 32 years since its original release as a private pressed vinyl, that now has become mega rare and mega expensive, it finally gets an official reissue on cd with 5 bonus tracks. One of the best 80’s U.S. metal EPs, a collector’s item for many years. Sinister Angel keep the flame alive, by going on strong till this day, playing nothing more and nothing else, than powerful U.S. metal with NWOBHM touches.

Track list:
1. Enter The Gates Of Hell
2. Love Breeds Misery
3. Street Light Glamour
4. The Last Alternative
5. Stand Next To The Sky
6. Hidden By The Night
7. Avenge The Innocent
8. Woke Up A Sleeping Giant
9. Tony’s Private Heaven

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