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Sinister -The Carnage Ending MC


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Still sealed official license made Indonesian tape with slipcase. Limited 100 copies

In June 2012, Sinister paid another visit to the Soundlodge Studios where the album The Carnage Ending was recorded. With their eleventh album The Carnage Ending Sinister unveil a new chapter in their rich history. Going back to their old-school roots, Sinister came up with 10 old-school, ridiculously heavy and very modern sounding masterpieces of Death Metal, excellently produced by Jorg Uken from the Soundlodge Studio. The very structured songwriting, the old school feel with modern sound, the straight heaviness, the ever-continuous battering and the massive production mark the biggest changes to the former albums.

Track listing:
1. Gates of Bloodshed-intro
2. Unheavenly Domain
3. Transylvania (City Of The Damned)
4. My Casual Enemy
5. Crown Of Thorns
6. The Carnage Ending
7. Oath Of Rebirth
8. Regarding The Imagery
9. Blood Ecstacy
10. Defamatory Content
11. Final Destroyer

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