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Six Feet Under ‎–Commandment box


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Still sealed limited clam shell box with cd in jewelcase and a huge Six Feet Under flag

After some relatively technical newer albums, US Death Metal Monsters Six Feet Under returned back to basics with this brachial album. About half the album apes the old grindcore approach of their earlier work, while the rest steps up the pace to breakneck speed. Written and recorded entirely in the studio within a two-week period. Deliciously simplified ongoing riffing is guided by pounding drumwork and creamed with the best guttural vocals from Chris Barnes ever.

Track list:
1. Doomsday
2. Thou Shall Kill
3. Zombie Executioner
4. The Edge Of The Hatchet
5. Bled To Death
6. Resurrection Of The Rotten
7. As The Blade Turns
8. The Evil Eye
9. In A Vacant Grave
10. Ghosts Of The Undead

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