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Sixten Redlös ‎–Sålunda Spelade Sixten Redlös mcd


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Rare 7-track compilation album in paper sleeve

Sixten Redlös was a Skatepunk band from Jönköping, Sweden founded back in 1981 who released a couple of singles and one album during their active years of 1981 to 1987. The band has since then reformed a couple of times to do concerts. SeaDog records released this 7-track compilation album in 1994 that features the two first singles and 3-tracks from the album Slå Larm.

Track list:
1. Ni Ska Få Ångra-from Ni Ska Få Ångra EP 1984
2. Hämnd-from Ni Ska Få Ångra EP 1984
3. I Wish I Woz An Animal-from I Wish I Woz An Animal EP 1985
4. 1000 Stöveltramp På Ryggen-from I Wish I Woz An Animal EP 1985
5. Grabben Med Chockload-from Slå Larm LP 1987
6. Officer-from Slå Larm LP 1987
7. Vi Vet Att Han Kommer Snart-from Slå Larm LP 1987

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Sea Dog Records

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SEA 002

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