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Skan -Death Crown cd


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Digipak. Limited 200 numbered copies

Rejecting all conventions, norms, and constraints, Texas-born, multinational extreme metal band Skan forges an uncompromising path through the primordial forces of nature, and the transformations of death and illumination. The name Skan comes from Lakota Sioux language, where it refers to the spirit of the sky, and the elements that catalyze the continual flow of the universe. Skan can enter the body, too, where it can set forth new beginnings and change. Through this essence and other spiritual and personal philosophies, the band consciously taps into the unknown, experiencing whatever may unfold-and even transcend through the process. That mentality, and their will to completely shatter all limits, illusions, and preconceived notions of metal genres, has in turn, ignited its singular musical force.

Track list:
1. Initium
2. Death Wish
3. A Mort
4. The Womb
5. Au
6. Iron And Blood
7. Father Qayin
8. For The Love Of Death

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VAN 240