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Skeletal Remains -Devouring Mortality lp [splatter]


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2019 press on clear splatter vinyl with gatefold cover and poster

Picking their name from a line in Demolition Hammer’s Human Dissection, California’s Skeletal Remains not only have proven their exquisite taste in terms of finding the right moniker, but also musically by combining influences from Death to Pestilence, from early Gorguts to Morbid Angel as well as the aforementioned New York thrash commando. Their third album, Devouring Mortality, is marked by a solid level of consistency and memorable songcraft. The album also comes equipped with a burly production job that nicely balances clarity and heft, retro values with modern sensibilities, and a strong mix from none other than Dan Swanö. The master could stand to be more dynamic but overall the production hits the mark more often than not. Skeletal Remains have done a very good job chopping up their influences and sculpting a sound that while certainly far from original, mostly escapes sounding overly derivative. Skeletal Remains aren’t here to hammer new life into the modern death metal scene. Their agenda remains stubbornly focused on pummeling the shit out of the listener amid waves of nostalgia and killer riffage. Overall an enjoyable old school death metal experience with its heart in the right place.

Track list:
1. Ripperology
2. Seismic Abyss
3. Catastrophic Retribution
4. Devouring Mortality
5. Torture Labyrinth
6. Grotesque Creation
7. Parasitic Horrors
8. Mortal Decimation
9. Lifeless Manifestation
10. Reanimating Pathogen
11. Internal Detestation

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