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Skineater ‎–Cerebral Relics mcd


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Swedish death metal combo Skineater featuring Håkan Stuvemark from Wombbath together with Jeramie Kling from Ribspreader on vocals. This is old school thrashing death metal album with a touch of dark and melancholic melody just like the early and awesome At The Gates (A Woman Will Die In The North). The album has a tinge of despair in it and Skineater align every instrument to add to that feeling, building up and then toning it down to let in a groovy part. Then on a track like Sentinels Of Misery you find a band that are very catchy even though the riffs are very melancholic. Overall its a beautifully composed EP with lots of different styles within the death metal subgenre. Definitely enjoyable and well worth checking out

Track list:
1. Anthropomorphic Memorandum
2. Sociopath To Enlightenment
3. A Woman Will Die In The North
4. Sentinels Of Misery
5. Compost Planet
6. Labeled; Confidential

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