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Skitsystem -Stigmata cd [promo]


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Stigmata is the third full length album form the crust hardcore act Skitsystem and its truly a memorable experience. It’s fast, unrelenting, and extremely dark and depressing. Skitsystem has managed to create a truly haunting experience of an album. Guitars riff at fast paced speeds, the drums play the classic d-beat sounds, and the vocalist funnels all his anger into a single terrifying voice that terrorizes and pleasures your ears at the same time. But I think what strikes me most here is not how technical it is, but the emotion in the music. Especially that which is displayed by vocalist Alex Höglind. His tortured voice is one that refuses to be ignored throughout the entire album. His shrieks will work their way into your brain, pounding the music into your mind, making sure that you wont ever forget it. Not only is this album hard hitting it also puts out so much rage that it simply refuses to let you get away from it, to catch your breath and gather your thoughts. That is not what this album is about. Don’t try to analyze it, simply listen and be wrapped up in an incredible display of power and destruction, victory and defeat. This album should go down as a classic, though it will be probably be lost amongst a sea of mediocrity. Regardless, Stigmata is a near masterpiece from this amazing band

Track list:
1. Apokalypsens Svarta Änglar
2. Våld
3. Stigmata
4. Hat, Klass Och Rang
5. Min Borg Av Hud
6. Blodskam
7. Det Samvetslosa Hatets Plågor
8. Den Mörka Floden I Vårt Hjärta
9. Öppen Grav
10. Slutstation Babylon
11. Solidaritetens Sista Utpost
12. Lepra

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