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Skyblood -S/t lp


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Black vinyl with gatefold cover

Mats Leven is one of the most influential and illustrious names in Swedish metal. His dramatic and colorful voice has graced albums by Candlemass, Therion, Krux, Yngwie Malmsteen and At Vance – now, after lending his voice to others for decades, fans can finally witness the charismatic singer’s solo project. Said project has been christened Skyblood and is, according to Mats, who I am. The driving force that is Wake Up To The Truth, the dark and hypnotic Once Invisible, or exotic entries such as Out Of The Hollow, triumph in musical finesse and timeless elegance. This debut is an unchained and exciting affair feeding off of epic and classic metal influences, doom and melodic hard rock.

Track list:
1. Skyblood Manifesto
2. The Voice
3. The Not Forgotten
4. Wake Up To The Truth
5. Once Invisible
6. One Eye For An Eye
7. Out Of The Hollow
8. For Or Against
9. Le Venimeux

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