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Skyforger ‎–Kauja Pie Saules cd


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Skyforger play a rather unique blend of what can best be described as black/folk or pagan metal and this album entitled Kauja pie Saules (The Battle Of Saule) is actually a re-release of their first album from 1998. The story behind the lyrical themes and music are based upon a few battles, and one in particular, from the Middle Ages in which German crusaders attempted to crush the ancient Latvian tribes. The band takes a typically non-metal approach with regards to instrumentation in some of the songs, using bagpipes, mouth harp and various other oddities and succeeds by blending them with their savage black metal attack. The fantastic cover and inlay artwork, which depicts the The Battle Of Saule, through to the life like sounds of battle in the title track, add to the overall listening experience. You get the feeling of actually being on the battlefield while swords are cutting through the bodies. The performances on this disc should be enough to whet the appetite of the typical fan of this genre of music, as well as delivering the goods for people who are looking for something other than the standard approach.

Track list:
1. Neighed The Battlehorses
2. The Battle of Saule
3. The Ancient Oak
4. Viestards Fight at Mezotne
5. Kurshi
6. Forger Forged Up In The Sky
7. Why The Horns Of War Are Blown
8. Battle At Garoza Forest
9. The Sacred Firecross

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