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Slaughterhouse Records Label Sampler Volume 3 cd


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Cardboard cover

Slaughterhouse Records 30th release is a slick, black little package of venomous death and black destruction. A label sampler in cardboard/paper cover featuring seventeen artists. A lot of the material on this compilation is unreleased which makes it even more fun to own. Among the bands we find are Skineater, the band featuring Håkan Stuvemark from Wombbath and Stygian Dark, which is a Rogga Johansson project. Theres also some Malaysian death metal in the form of Succubus and NonServiam but thats only a few. With 17 bands on the album it means that you really have a lot to explore in the world of Slaughterhouse Records extreme metal band camp.

Track list:
1. Nekrohowl -Mortal Incubation
2. Two Face Sinner -Destroy Them
3. Stygian Dark -Buried Before First Light
4. Grave Forest -The Black Sands of Isstvan-edit
5. Ande -Cold Animals
6. Shambles -Nightside Of The Underground River-edit
7. Baphomet -Satanic Feast
8. Succubus -Shamanic Night
9. Orobas -Rise Thy Unholy
10. Blasphmachine -The Last Chants Of The Priests
11. Iaphethos -Traces Of Destruction
12. Tyakrah -Gefrorne Trnnen
13. Necroversus -Apu Kuntur
14. Nonserviam -Disdain
15. Lotus Of Darkness -The Wrath Of The Naga-edit
16. Ordo Caper -Three Headed Serpent
17. Skineater -Compost Planet
18. Evangelicum -Fleash Exodus

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