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Slayer -Show No Mercy lp


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2021 reissue on black vinyl with large poster

Six Feet Under’s debut album, Haunted, promised to be an exciting collaboration between Cannibal Corpse vocalist Chris Barnes and Obituary guitarist Allen West, and by and large it lives up to its promise. After all, it’s hard to go wrong with Barnes, one of the best vocalists in stateside death metal, West, a veteran guitarist who had anchored one of the genre’s leading bands, and producer Scott Burns, the most accomplished death metal producer in the industry. Six Feet Under points toward a bright future for this very dark band.

Track listing:
1. The Enemy Inside
2. Silent Violence
3. Lycanthropy
4. Still Alive
5. Beneath A Black Sky
6. Human Target
7. Remains Of You
8. Suffering In Ecstasy
9. Tomorrows Victim
10. Torn To The Bone
11. Haunted

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