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Sleazer –Fall Into Disgrace cd [with postcard]


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Still sealed. Comes with a postcard promoting this album

Born in 2011, Italian Sleazer had their first demo published with a three guitars formation, before setting up and releasing their first album, Fall Into Disgrace, in the first months of 2017. Back to a two guitars setup, Sleazer start the album with a misleading retro wave intro (A Falling Overture), made up by 80’s synths, which makes Heroes Of Disgrace totally unexpected; this second track soon sets the game rules for this album: a powerful and shattering assault starts off this average tune, with interesting melody, sound and guitar elements, while Vecchiotti’s vocals, clearly influenced by Dickinson’s footprint, don’t sound either much original nor catchy. This album features some sing-a-long power/traditional metal with speed and glam anthem accents sure to give you a good time. Musically Sleazer favour a twin-guitar rhythm and harmony-oriented approach, the tempos sometimes speedy, and the choruses easing things off for audience supported activities. It’s obvious early 1990’s Blind Guardian, Judas Priest, Running Wild, and maybe some of the late 80’s American offshoots such as Savage Grace or Savatage appear to be on the idea charts when taking in the chord progressions, fiery lead tradeoffs, and thunderous transitions for “Legion of the Damned” and “Sabbath Lord”. The hair-side of syncopation and streamlined hooks/choruses best exemplifies “King of Nothing”, an effort worthy of 80’s Dokken/Kiss legions. Fall Into Disgrace possesses enough throwback charm to win over most in the denim and beer brigade.

Track list:
1. A Falling Overture
2. Heroes Of Disgrace
3. Straight On Your Way
4. Legion Of The Damned
5. Faded Dream
6. King Of Nothing
7. Sabbath Lord
8. Sleazer
9. Fall Again
10. Deserter

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