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Sleipnir –Oaths Sworn In Blood And Mead cd


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Sleipnir’s second album, Oaths Sworn In Blood And Mead, has taken years to be released. However the album is a rightful continuation of their debut album, Bloodbrothers, released five years earlier, so those who liked the debut album will enjoy this one as well and those who have never heard Sleipnir before, but like very epic, monumental Viking metal then get this band’s albums straight away; it is a must to have for you. This band from Bedford in England was formed back in 2005 and they performed a type of Viking metal that includes traces of bands such as Forefather, Bathory, Summoning, Falkenbach and Einherjer. The album is definitely not something that can be considered aggressive, harsh and violent music. It is more focused on creating the atmosphere, on the epicness and monumental, almost kind of bombastic playing, with really great vocals – many of which are multiple chorus vocals, sang with clean, powerful – warrior like – voices. There is also a strong melodic touch to the whole album and finally it contains many orchestral parts as well. The whole effect is just exceptional and very original, I must say. This music is very catchy, very memorable, it contains many fragments, which will just force you to join the warrior choir and sing to the glory of the northern gods or praise the bravery of the ancient warriors. So buy Sleipnir and hail to Odin.

Track list:
1. Hail The Heathen Hordes Of Midgard (Sworn To The Hammer Of Thor)
2. Blood On The Sword
3. Farewell (To A Fallen Brother)
4. Oaths Sworn In Blood And Mead
5. The Blood And The Bones (Once We Were Kings Part 2)
6. What The Runes Fortold

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