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Smed -S/t cd [signed]


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Signed by all members and guest guitarist Janne Stark with a gold marker. Digipak

Smed (Space Medicated Elevated Doom) is a Swedish band that was formed in Karlshamn, Sweden back in 2019 and their goal was to create some really downtuned and heavy music that took the best from stoner, doom and 70s rock. If you like heavy music then you will realize from the first seconds that this isnt an album that you want to turn off. The group features ex-The Graviators vocalist Niklas Sjöberg behind the microphone. Their self titled debut album was recorded at Sunlight Studios with Tomas Skogsberg. The album album features two impressive guests, namely Bob Balch of the mighty Fu Manchu and Janne Stark from Merryweather Stark and Overdrive. One of the tracks that Mr Stark put down a guitar solo on is a doomy version of the Blue Öyster Cult tune Heavy Metal: the Black And Silver.

Track list:
1. Starmass
2. Devils Tide
3. Queen Of The Goats-with Bob Balch
4. Flower Smokin Priest-with Bob Balch
5. Hal 9000
6. M.A.D.
7. Tears III-with Janne Stark
8. Heavy Metal: The Black And Silver-Blue Oyster Cult cover-with Janne Stark
9. 1010 A.D.

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