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The Smugglers ‎–Rosie lp


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The Smugglers were formed when most of the members were still in high school in West Vancouver BC Canada, The Smugglers came of age during the grunge explosion, and came into their own in the pop-punk heyday of the mid-1990s. Releasing eight albums over the years of 1988-2004. Their 2000 album, Rosie, is one hell of a garage party. You can almost forgive Canada for Bryan Adams when they let loose the Smugglers. These songs are keepers, all of them. Grant’s vocals on “Rosie” are at an all time high. Highlights include the title track (Rosie, which is a duet with Grant Smuggler and Rose Melberg from the Softies and Tiger Trap). This is one of the greatest songs I have ever heard not only because like already stated before that Grant’s vocals are just great, the guitar riffs are very catchy and every thing in the songs fits together perfectly. Quite possibly the coolest part about “Rosie” the album, is the fact that Dr.Frank from the Mr.T Experience wrote Coffee, Tea Or Me? All in all I would recommend that you not miss this album, and if you don’t have the Smugglers album “Selling The Sizzle” get that too, because as it is a well documented fact, The Smugglers are the best thing to EVER come out of Canada and a big thanks to them for making Punk/Garage music so exciting.

Track list:
1. Rock Thy Neighbour
2. Booze Can
3. Miss Pilgrim
4. I’ll Remember
5. Death At Disneyland
6. She’s Another Thing
7. Rosie
8. Kings Of The Party
9. Useless Rocker
10. Coffee, Tea, Or Me?
11. Teen Mob!
12. Someone
13. Danko Jones Pants

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