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Rare private pressed Uk cassette. Clear cassette with printed paper label. Limited to only 100 numbered copies

Snatch-Back was an early an obscure NWOBHM act from St Helens in North West England that was formed back in 1974. During their 10 years together they only released one vinyl single, the mega rare Eastern Lady, that was recorded and released by the Central Sound Studios (CSS Records) in Manchester in 1979. Snatch-Back were truly “Indie” before the term was born. The band did all the promotion themselves which meant a van, a load of posters and a big bucket of wallpaper paste. They gigged throughout the North West and even supported some album bands at the time. Back in those days many bands were made up of self-taught rock music loving kids that got inspired of what they heard and then tried to come up with their own material. Been brought to musical birth in the second half of the 70s meant that Snatch-Back were feeding on Deep Purple, Ten Years After, Mott The Hoople, Genesis, The Faces, Bad Company, Back Street Crawler, Budgie and Mountain. Even though the band had a lot more material written and played it will be the two Bashful Alley like single tracks that most people will judge them by. A few years after the vinyl single the band went into the Amazon Studios in Liverpool for another studio session. Those tracks recorded back in February of 1982 however was mainly heard by friends of the band and were put on a shelf. Then in 2016 when the band were reborn they dug up a lot of old stuff. Then in 2019 they decided to release 4 of these old tracks on this private pressed cassette. So here you have the previously unreleased songs “Movin’ Out”, “Got Trouble”, “She’s Dead” and “Boogie Shoes”. Since its release, the track “She’s Dead” has gotten a life on its on, with more than 1600 views on youtube and NWOBHM /Hard Rock-Rare have also put this track in their top 21 list. So get this before its too late and sit back and enjoy some NWOBHM rarities from 1982

Track list:
1. Movin Out
2. Got Trouble
3. Shes Dead
4. Boogie Shoes

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