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Snöras –Plague Waters cd


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Digipak. Limited 1000 numbered copies

Snöras (avalanche) started out as a one-man project by Yngve Hilmo in Norway back in 2005. Already from the start Hilmo had decided that he wanted to create a trilogy of album where each and everyone of them had a mission to find that holy riff. Heart Of Weakness (2006), Plague Waters (2008) and Life In The Gutter (2015) might seem chaotic with their swirling guitars, relentless double-
vocal attack and flailing intricate disharmonic soundscapes. This is a mix of hardcore and math rock and in this chaos you find melody and recognisable patterns.

Track list:
1. All My Neurotic Friends
2. We Watched Them Thru The Thick Crystal Panes
3. Lucid River
4. Spiral Waves
5. Mosaic Devours
6. Harakiri For The Sky And The Trees
7. –
8. The Racing Marbles Bloom

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