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Sobre Nocturne -Serpentine Dreamweaver cd


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‘Hymn to the lost continent. An Atlantean ode over the seven kings and their sunken abode’

Swedish symphonic gothic doom metal Sobre Nocturne was formed in 1996 and the band released three demos before this debut album. The band leader Stefan Lundgren have previously been involved with Necromicon, Dawn and have also been session guitarist for Mork Gryning. This debut album is an impressive record with no less than 3 singers, a choir and a complete orchestra. Kim Arnell on drums have also worked with Morifade and Nephenzy Chaos Order and female vocalist Katharina Lilja have also toured with Therion. Extremely well played and should please all fans of the later more symphonic Therion material. Musicians: Kim Arnell: Drums Christian Björk: Vocals Klaus Gauffin: Bass Valter Kinnbom: Percussion Petra Källsten: Vocals Stefan Lundgren: Rythm Guitar, Vocals, Grawls, Clavier Katharina Lilja: Vocals Jan Strandh: Guitar Harmonies/Vocals Strinquartet: Anne Engström: Violin Jin Hägerström: Violin Gunnar Enbom: Viola Andreas Larsson: Cello Anders Berghfjord: Contrabas Wind section: Ola Halvarsson: B/A-Clar, Sopran sax Per-Arne Karlsson: Bassoon Karin Aurell: Flute Choir: Jessica Wickström (Soprano/Alt) Katharina Lilja (Soprano/Alt) Jessica Slatter (Soprano) Sofia Hermansson (Soprano/Alt) Marie Ljung (Soprano) Annica Larsson (Soprano/Alt) Helena Boström (Alt) Valter Kinnbom (Bass/Tenor) Stefan Lundgren (Bass/Tenor) Jan Strandh (Bass/Tenor) Henrik Weimerdal (Tenor) Andreas Strömbäck (Bass) Kim Arnell (Bass/Tenor) Christian Björk (Bass/Tenor).

Track list:
1. An Atlantean Ode
2. The Rise
3. I.A.O
4. Rooted
5. Seal Of The Bleeding Moon
6. The Godess And The Secret Serpent
7. Letaraz
8. Crystalizing The Unspoken Truth
9. Serpentine Dreamweaver
10. Flee Into Eternity
11. Coverted Temple

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