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Sodom -M-16 dlp/cd [orange]


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Rare original 2017 press. Double album on orange vinyls with gatefold cover, printed innersleeves and the complete album on cd as bonus

The tenth full-length from German thrash mainstays in Sodom, “M-16,” is another strong, intense effort that shows the band has really come to terms in this later stage of their career to return to a full-on thrash with one of the better releases in their catalogue. Opening with the classic ‘Among the Weirdcong,’ which starts with pounding militaristic drumming and intense thrashing beats with explosive technically-stylish riffing along a groovy mid-tempo pace and commanding vocals keeps effort powerful but restrained pace that lets loose with fiery solo section atop the full-scale thrash blasting and violent old-school riffs, it leaves little doubt about the band’s continued quest to stay as an upper-tier thrash band with a rocking intro track. Not only does this seem like a cohesive concept album lyrically and sonically through the common element of war in the lyrics but also the way its produced which offers a streamlined and recognizable sound throughout despite also having a ton of strong songs if looked at individually, the fact that the return to full-scale thrash has allowed the band the option of being able to wrap together songs with varying tempos, a slaughtering series of riffs to display actual technical talent throughout which is quite an impressive feat. Maybe it’s not the destructive tour-de-force of the bands’ best years or contains the de-facto, immortal classic that might make others more of a priority but this is still an impressive enough album on the whole to appeal to the long-term fans as well fans of classic thrash in general.

Track list:
1. Among The Weirdcong
2. I Am The War
3. Napalm In The Morning
4. Minejumper
5. Genocide
6. Little Boy
7. M-16
8. Lead Injection
9. Cannon Fodder
10. Marines
11. Surfin Bird

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SPV / Steamhammer Records

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SPV 724412 2LP

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