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Solstafir -I Blodi Og Anda/In Blood And Spirit dlp/cd


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2013 double vinyl release with bonus cd featuring 10 rehearsal and demo tracks. Second press limited 300 copies

Solstafir’s debut album is their most extreme album. At this point they hadnt become the epic prog soundscapers that their fans have come to love them for but there sure are glimpses of their brilliant future on here too.

Track list:
1. Undir Jökli (Vetrarins Saudu Sumarblom)
2. I Bldoj Og Anda
3. The Underworld Song
4. Tormentor
5. 2000 Ar
6. Ei Vid Munum Iorast
7. Bitch In Black
8. I Viking
9. Arstidir Daudans

Cd track list:
1. Undir Jökli (Vetrarins Saudu Sumarblom)-demo 98
2. I Bldoj Og Anda-demo 98
3. The Underworld Song-demo 98
4. Tormentor-demo 98
5. 2000 Ar-demo 98
6. Piano Song-demo 98
7. Ei Vid Munum Iorast-demo 97
8. Bitch In Black-demo 97
9. I Viking-demo 97
10. Undirheimalagid

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