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Solstice -To Dust lp


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Black vinyl with lyric insert

Solstice was born into an already thriving Floridian death metal scene that was the early 90’s. Like so many other death metal bands of that era, Solstice were overshadowed, and perhaps never given a real chance to shine despite the production of two excellent albums in ’92 and ’95. None of this should matter, though, as long as the music is pleasing to the ear. In this case, even after a fourteen year hiatus, Solstice delivers yet again. For anyone who has not heard Solstice, their brand of thrashy and constantly pissed off death metal is most akin to a “Consuming Impulse” era Pestilence. Although with a different vocalist than the self-titled debut, “To Dust” showcases scathing vocals most easily compared to an early Martin Van Drunen. Almost always closer to a higher pitched rasp than a growl, the vocals are a fitting complement to the chaotic guitar work. Every track is highly enjoyable, the sound never becomes stale or too formulaic, and the band even throws in a nice cover of Cynic’s “Textures.” From incredibly beautiful solos to furiously chugging rhythm guitars, this album has something for every metal fan. Thrash connoisseurs will appreciate the speed and often galloping guitar work, while death metal aficionados will value the tormented vocals and frequent tempo changes. This is a comeback album done right.

Track list:
1. Black
2. To Dust
3. Honest Human Emotion
4. Conclusion Disillusion
5. Sovereignty
6. Swarm
7. Moment Of Clarity
8. Passionless
9. Extremes
10. Impressive Technology
11. The Whisper

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Floga Records

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FL 161

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