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Somrak -The Blackwinged Serpent Crowned cd


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I am amazed that the second wave of Norwegian black metal still has such a strong impact. Active for only a few years, with a handful of significant releases, this musical style continues to generate adepts (and copycats) all over the world. Such resilience is rare in music universe, and commands respect. However, contemporary bands which draw their inspiration from this black vein do not always distinguish themselves sufficiently, thus giving an impression of plagiarism. It is a trap that a Slovene group called Somrak avoided for their second album. Their first record, released in 2009, actually borrowed many elements to Darkthrone and Mayhem early work and did not really spark my enthusiasm then. The Blackwinged Serpent Crowned, released in 2012, shows a great song writing effort and an overall improvement. Hostilities start with The Altars of Beneath, a long song that installs a creepy and aggressive atmosphere. Two things stand out especially in this track and become constant throughout the album: impeccable and very professional production (perhaps too much, some might say), a beautiful and perfectly audible bass playing, instrument too often neglected in black metal in favour of an omnipresent drum. This gives the record a unique identity, even when the group accelerates or suddenly changes tempo. Indeed, the frequent rhythmic changes are at the heart of the band’s song writing, which does not hesitate to alternate mid-tempo passages with ultrafast blasts beats sequences. Of course, members of Somrak are not reinventing anything with The Blackwinged Serpent Crowned, a record you can easily compare to most Norwegian classics, but they still manage to offer a high quality album, much more successful than their previous effort. So all of you (and you are lots), nostalgic of a time when hard-boiled teens burned churches and recorded devil music, here is a record that you can safely add to your collection.

Track listing:
1. The Altars Of Beneath
2. Emblem Is The Malodorous Blood
3. Son Of Man – Man Of Sin
4. Behold Death
5. Hear The Prayers Scorn
6. Apotheosis And Undivine

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