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Sonata Arctica ‎–Talviyo dlp [green]


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Exclusive Nordic version on green vinyls with gatefold cover. Limited 300 copies

Sonata Arctica have always been true to themselves. With their skills, their talent, their wealth of ideas and their daring, the band has decisively influenced the genre and had a lasting impact on it. In 2019 it was time for a new chapter, Talviyo, this beautiful, magical and mythical title of the current record has – as the name already suggests – its origin in the Finnish language and means Winter Night translated. Anyway, this is not a classic winter album, but it combines all those mysterious attributes that describe the enchanted magic of a winter night and even goes one step further. Talviyo contains the pure essence of Sonata Arctica, the heart of all their creative work; the most beautiful, slightly entranced melodic arcs and sound cascades, the unique enchanted aura and at the same time filled with energy and the pure joy of playing. Talviyö resembles a journey that combines sophisticated riffs and opulent bombast with the famous Finnish melancholy, plus a beguiling touch of magic. Talviyö manifests one thing more clearly than ever before, that this band is a true creative fountain that will continue to offer wonderful things far into the future, as they put their whole heart and soul into the music – without compromise. This can be heard and felt in every single note.

Track list:
1. Message From The Sun
2. Whirlwind
3 Cold
4. Storm The Armada
5. The Last Of The Lambs
6. Who Failed The Most
7. Ismos Got Good Reactors
8. Demons Cage
9. A Little Less Understanding
10. The Raven Still Flies With You
11. The Garden

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NB 4772-1 / 27361 47721