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Sonic Surf City ‎–Pororoca! cd


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Pororoca is best translated with “the great destructive noise” from the language Tupi, and its also the name of the longest wave in the world that you find on the Amazon River. But Pororoca is also the name of the 2010 album from the surf pop punk act Sonic Surf City, that was formed in Norrkoping, Sweden back in 1988. After 10 years of cowabungas, shoot-the-curls and fun-in-the-sun, Sonic Surf City took a ten year break. When the band was gathered again they started jamming and writing new songs to finally enter the studo in the hot summer of 2010 to record a new album. Pororoca features 15 fantastic songs in the same warm surf spirit as the earlier albums but maybe with a more punk spirit this time around. Anyone wanting to hear what a surf pop version of Ramones sounds like should check this band out.

Track list:
1. I’m Going Surfin’
3. Una Big Kahuna
4. I Am A Banana
5. Surfin’ Amazonas
6. Baby I’m Tryin’
7. Goose Bumps
8. Psycho Beach Twist
9. Tailgate Party
10. My Scooter
11. Kawabonga
12. Waves Are Calling
13. Go Go Go-Go Girl
14. Vote For Summer
15. Cinco De Mayo
16. Down On The Beach (Surf Little Girl)

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