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Sonic Surf City ‎–Viva Wahines! cd


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Anyone that has been in Sweden probably thinks that this country cant have a band that can sing about sand, sun, waves and the fun of surfing. But you better think again. It only takes a few seconds of Sonic Surf Citys 2013 album Viva Wahines with its drums and guitars, a catchy falsetto choir and you realize that this is a band that do honor Beach Boys in a new way. Surf rock and pop punk work as long as you do it with love and with respect of the old. Then you can make it genuine and make it your own. This band from Norrkoping, Sweden was formed back in 1988 and they have been true to their style of surf themed pop punk. It has all the right melodies, the thick guitar work and those shalalala-bababa-uhuhu lyrics. Just listen to Surf School, Sun In Her Eyes, Everybody’s Going Surfin and you will travel to a place with far more sun compared to what Sweden has to offer. Anyone wanting to hear what a surf pop version of Ramones sounds like should check this band out.

Track list:
1. Fabio And I
2. SUP
3. Sun In Her Eyes
4. Surfers Are Back-Barracudas cover
5. Nevada
6. Supernova
7. Surf School
8. The Kook
9. Sleepy Heads
10. The Wall
11. Botticelli
12. Wahine
13. Everybodys Going Surfin

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