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2015 re-issue on black vinyl

In 1990, Nirvana emerged as the alternative to hair metal. Sons of Kyuss (later, Kyuss) would become an alternative to this alternative. Nirvana was the pop of the Beatles mixed with the rock of Black Sabbath, whereas Kyuss was the punk of the Stooges mixed with the metal of Sabbath. Long after Kyuss and Nirvana disbanded, an unholy marriage was made between Josh Homme and Dave Grohl such that Grohl would play for Homme’s Queens Of The Stone Age on Songs For The Deaf. Sons Of Kyss alternative hard-rock underground movement became known later as stoner rock. Fans of Kyuss should not be disappointed with Sons of Kyuss EP. Sons of Kyuss EP is stoner rock before it even existed. Expect sludge like the Stooges and Black Sabbath, Josh Homme delivering on guitar, and a vocalist that sounds like a dick-head Elvis. The sound here is even more similar to Black Sabbath than on their following releases: the guitar sound is especially thick and patchy, while the drums resound high. There are a few tracks on here that never made it onto Wretch, so it should get all Kyuss fans interested.

Track list:
1. Deadly Kiss
2. Window Of Soul
3. King
4. Isolation Desolation
5. Love Has Passed Me By
6. Black Widow
7. Happy Birthday
8. Katzenjammer

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Black Highway Music

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