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Sorrowful Land ‎–Of Ruins cd


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The debut full-length album by the leader of the Ukrainian band Edenian, Max Molodtsov, offers a 50-minutes long journey to the world of gloomy and hasteless, but atmospheric doom-death, where brutal elements are contrasted by melancholic interludes. The lyrics of the Of Ruins album are based on the classical English poetry from the 19th century and the original author’s verses. Mixed and mastered at Slow Burn Studio, Of Ruins will wilt all the flowers in the meadow, and steal hope from the world. There is beauty here at every turn, hidden in secret chambers that only your deepest fears and losses can unlock. Max has done a splendid job of interpreting the Funeral Doom genre here, with a sound that can reach the deepest recesses of your buried emotions.

Track list:
1. A Reminiscence
2. Requiescat
3. On Anothers Sorrow
4. Of Ruins
5. In The Time Of Tyrants
6. Echoes Of Endless Silence

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