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Sortilege -S/t box [cd/t-shirt]


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Still sealed French only deluxe box set with CD and T-shirt. Limited 1500 copies

Originally known as Blood Wave, this Parisian Heavy Metal outfit adopted the name Sortilege (‘Sorcery’) in October 1981 and duly found a ready audience in their homeland as they toured as support to Samson and Def Leppard in 1983. The group debuted with their self-titled affair on the small Dutch Rave On label. This rare mini album features five killer songs. Vocals of Christian ‘Zouille’ Augustin are amazing. Bob ‘Snake’ Dumont’s drumming is excellent. Riffs are excellent. The only ‘worse’ part of this album is a little bit harsh production, although it can be easily forgotten while you are listening to this masterpiece. It is very hard to choose the better tracks as all of them are really on equal level but the title track ‘Sortilege’ determines the style of the band and it shows each of musicians from their best side. If you are fan of Death and Chuck Schuldiner you should be aware of the opening track Amazone as the first riff from this song was used by Chuck in his hit ‘Evil Dead’.

Track listing:
1. Amazone
2. Progeniture
3. Gladiateur
4. Sortilege
5. Bourreau
6. Blade Killer
7. Gladiator
8. The Amazon Warriors
9. Alien
10. Death Hymn
11. Delirium

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