Sötlimpa -1981-84 lp



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2013 release on black vinyl with printed innersleeve

Sötlimpa was a punk band from Mölndal outside Gothenburg. The band was formed in the beginning of the second wave of punk, influenced by bands like The Exploited and developed from punk with Oi!-influences to a raw punk band (in Swedish, råpunk). Together with Swedish bands like Asta Kask, The Bristles, Existenz, Moderat Likvidation, Noncens, EATER, Anti Cimex and many others Sötlimpa were the new breed of fast playing bands that released mostly singles (Sötlimpa released one 7″ single, one 12″ single and two cassettes), and did a lot of gigging (they made approx 100 shows). The band dissolved in 1984 but were reunited in 1994 with a different line-up but two years later they called it a day again. The 1981-1984 compilation album features all the material you need with this sadly gone act.

Track list:
1. Snutvåld
2. Lita På Dig Själv
3. Stark
4. Ayatholla Power
5. Farligt
6. Mölndal-84
7. Kallekung
8. Soldatslakt
9. Ronald Reagan
10. Löften
11. Öl
12. Miljöproblem
13. 3:e Världskrig
14. Upprusta-82
15. Överståtarnas Paradis
16. 3-d
17. Snutjävlar
18. Löften
19. Du Gamla Du Fria

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Distortion Records / Discunion Records

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