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Soulfallen ‎–The Promise Of Hell cd


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The Finnish dark metal band Soulfallens 2012 album The Promise Of Hell is the third and final part of a trilogy regarding life an death in a very dark way. Think of music that its in the vein of Insomnium meets Swallow The Sun meets Sons Of Aeon. Throw in a tiny pinch of symphonic sounding keyboards and you get the picture. Fabulous melodies, intelligent lyrics and heavy as lead. The album starts with the track The Birth Of Newfound Death, a long guitar-and-drums intro. In it, we get the raspy blackened vocals with lots of melodies (which are straightly mad-sounding riffs) in a massively impressive show of rhythm guitar, compact with more fluently epic riffs behind the sadistic melodies of the song. On the track Scars Aligned the band have added some female vocals by guest vocalist Annika Jakanen to ad more atmosphere. If youre into death metal then this isnt the band for you but if you like the experimental side and think a hybrid mix of black metal and symphonic rock with dark themes would be something for you then check out The Promise Of Hell.

Track list:
1. The Birth Of Newfound Death
2. Questions And Answers
3. Ghosts
4. Scars Aligned
5. The Silence Of The Storm
6. Cold Beneath The Sun
7. Dead And Dying
8. Bring Me My Demons
9. At The Heart Of Dying

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