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Sound Of Detestation -S/t cd


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Swedish grindcore act Sound Of Detestation was formed back in 2006 and their self titled debut album landed on the discs a year later. This is blasting mincing grindcore resembling the likes of Nasum, Rotten Sound and Misery Index to name a few. Names not many grindcore bands are compared to because of below average music. This is certainly not the case with Sound Of Detestation and their debut self-titled record, which kicks ass from start to finish. Add some guest performances by Gadget mastermind William Blackmon, who also recorded and produced this record, and you know this is one talented grind band. If you like sheer brutality and fast, extreme metal music I highly recommend for you to check this band out. If not, you stay a pussy all your life. I don’t care. Grind!

Track listing:
1. Voided And Blind
2. The Red Light
3. Culture
4. Freedom
5. Human Heart
6. As I Am
7. The Withering Process
8. Follow The Leaders
9. Control
10. Fuck Your Head
11. Fallen
12. Doomed To Consume
13. Predestinated Course
14. Lopsedels Prioriteringar
15. Dedication
16. Hate
17. The Storm

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