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Splash -Ut Pa Vischan cd


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2019 cd release

Splash was a Swedish jazz and rock band formed in Söderhamn in the 60s. They were formed out of the ashes of Why. Splash created their very own sound by playing with odd time signatures and they combined the best of Frank Zappa with progg music and Nordic folk music. The band existed between 1969 and 1979 and they had several musicians coming and going during their first years but found a stable line-up from 1973 and forward. They recorded three studio albums during these ten years. Their debut album, Ut Pa Vischan, was released in 1972 and its a very competent album with a few prog moves that has some vague hints at Kebnekajse styled folk harmonics especially on the track, Smutsig Jord. But it is Christer Holm and Hakan Lewin that put their marks on Splash debut. The two of them put their horns playing way up front and makes Splash a horn rock band with lots of heart. Despite the complete lack of commercial success, the group over time gained a significant reputation among experts in the music industry, not only in Sweden but also in Belgium, Czechoslovakia and Norway, where they had their largest audience. Fans of brassy jazz prog with psychedelic influences should buy this one even though the band progressed and made stronger albums later on.

Track list:
1. Jag Minns Min Gröna Dal
2. Jag Drömmer Om En Annan Värld
3. Stormen
4. Ut På Vischan
5. Frihet
6. Spelmannen Och Forskarlen
7. Vår Dröm
8. Smutsig Jord

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