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Stainless Steel -Wigant cd


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Power Metal from Hungary – nothing you get each day and Wigant is like many other albums in the genre a concept album. This one is about the famous Lay of the Nibelungs. Musically they offer some good classy Power Metal, which is very varied, mostly in the middle tempo, but not neglecting speedy/aggressive parts and also taking its breathers with calmer passages. Sometimes you feel a little reminded of Blind Guardian here and Iron Maiden there, but most Power Metal-acts have to live with those comparisons and as long as it is with such greats, it cannot be that bad, eh? Tracks like A Great Adventure, the great For The Glory Of Worms (Siegfrieds Song) or Outrage (The Brave Die Hard) for sure are good enough to shield Stainless Steel in the chalybeate bath of the Power Metal-wave, so that it will not go under. Anyone who likes Power Metal with mid-pitched vocals (another positive aspect) with interesting concept, should take on Stainless Steel, he/she won’t be disappointed.

Track list:
1. Past Centuries
2. A Great Adventure
3. For The Glory Of Worms (Siegfried’s Song)
4. Land Of Ice
5. The Mission (Gunthers Song)
6. Conspiracy
7. Outrage (The Brave Die Hard)
8. The Sentinel (Hagens Song)
9. Couriers
10. Scourge Of God
11. Longing To Fly (Kriemhild’s Song)
12. One Dawn
13. Farewell
14. The Journey (On The Path Of The Damned)
15. No Mercy
16. The Final Act (Steel Is The Law)
17. Never To Be Forgotten

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