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Stash –A Matter Of Time lp


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Black vinyl with insert. Limited 300 copies

Stash is somewhat of a Dutch cult band. The five piece from the Netherlands were originally active during the 1980s, releasing a demo in 1987. With no other releases in the intervening years, the band still attained a bit of a legendary status in their homeland, and so, now in 2015, the band have elected to re-record and release their material from the era of colourful leggings, big vocal hooks and even bigger hair! The opening moments of the album show just why Stash have achieved such a following. Epic and powerful straight from the off, the band are unrelenting, with forceful galloping grooves, scintillating lead guitar work, and rhythmic and song-writing sensibilities that would put many significantly bigger bands in the shade! With the underlying keyboards sitting really well against the classic metal style guitar parts, it feels of the era, yet with noticeably more edge to it than many bands of the time. Vocals are done by Emerald singer Bert Kivits and Stash is undoubtedly a band that deserves to be bigger on a global scale than they are. A Matter Of Time offers up the same 80s keyboard based hard rock sound that propelled countless bands to worldwide domination, but is at times faster, heavier, and a whole lot more original.

Track list:
1. Intro
2. By the Light of Fire
3. The Mountain
4. Waiting for the Night
5. Hold on the Line
6. A Matter of Time
7. Prelude
8. Born to Run
9. Blackout
10. There’s Another World
11. Don’t Let it End
12. Piece of the Action
13. Outro

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