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Status Quo -Aquostic II Thats A Fact cd


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Aquostic II – That’s A Fact is the follow up to the phenomenally successful album from 2014 Aquostic (Stripped Bare). Aquostic II offers a generous helping of Quo classics that are immediately recognisable, and yet demonstrably re-engineered; including In The Army Now, Hold You Back and Roll Over Lay Down. Also featured are three brand new tracks from the band; One For The Road, Is Someone Rocking Your Heart and One Of Everything. Aquostic is a fun album and it takes guts to experiment with a tried and tested formula like Quo, and in so doing, they are bound to have those who think it’s a sell out, and also those who think it’s something new, easier listening than before, and worth a try. I fall into this latter category. I’ve admired Quo for trying something different like their cover version albums, and this and its predecessor are more of the same. Bands don’t stay static, music doesn’t stay static – there is an evolutionary process at work in ALL music, and this album shows that evolution is alive and well in Quo land, regardless of what many are thinking and saying. The first Aquostic release was excellent and it just proved how talented Status Quo are, especially to tackle a project like this. I think they have achieved the ultimate in acoustic music by playing their hits and more in a very relaxed and enjoyable way. Well done Quo.

Track list:
1. Thats A Fact
2. Roll Over Lay Down
3. Dear John
4. In The Army Now
5. Hold You Back
6. One For The Road
7. Backwater
8. One For Everything
9. Belavista Man
10. Lover Of The Human Race
11. Ice In The Sun
12. Mess Of Blues
13. Jam Side Down
14. Resurrection

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