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Steel Prophet ‎–Omniscient dlp [green]


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Double album on green vinyls with gatefold cover. Limited 150 copies

This is an outstanding return for the classic, complex melodic metal band, Steel Prophet. It is the first album in 10 years, and the first in 12 with their signature vocalist, Rick Mythiasin, back behind the mike. The mastermind of the band on the guitar, Steve Kachinsky, is as great as ever. The band’s creative and intricate weave of metal will appeal to those who love classic Queensryche, Fates Warning, Metallica, and Crimson Glory, and this disc is as varied and deep as any they’ve ever had. The band goes high on the degree-of-difficulty with selecting Bohemian Rhapsody to cover, but it’s their own songs that really make the album.

Track list:
1. Trickery Of The Scourge
2. When I Remake The World (A Key Flaw)
3. 911
4. Chariots Of The Gods
5. The Tree Of Knowledge
6. 666 Is Everywhere (The Heavy Metal Blues)
7. Oleander Deux
8. Aliens, Spaceships, And Richard M. Nixon
9. Through Time And Space
10. Funeral For Art
11. Call Of Katahdin
12. Transformation Staircase
13. Bohemian Rhapsody-Queen cover
14. 1984 (George Orwell Is Rolling In His Grave)

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