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Steeler –Come Hell Or Hollywood 1981-82 cd


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Before Motley Crue, Quiet Riot and Ratt were platinum…Steeler WAS American Metal. Come Hell Or Hollywood is a collection of remastered rare recordings from 1981-1982. Many of these pre-Yngwie tracks have never been made public, and the album features a lost” version of the Steeler anthem Cold Day In Hell as well as unheard versions of the Rolling Stones’ Let’s Spend The Night Together (the only cover song Steeler ever played) and fan favorite Backseat Driver. While the release is the brainchild of original Steeler guitarist Michael Dunigan, Ron Keel and the label worked closely together on this project to present these recordings in their proper context. It’s like walking the streets of a heavy metal ghost town, Ron Keel explains. There’s historical value here, and this magical moment in time needs to be properly preserved and shared. There are those that lived the Hollywood heyday with us, and those this missed it – this album is dedicated to all of them. Many of these tracks are medium rare, and others are absolutely raw – but we were helping give birth to a cultural revolution, and childbirth is ugly, messy and painful; it’s also one of the most beautiful things you’ll ever experience. I was just learning how to sing and write songs in 1981-82.

Track list:
1. Cold Day In Hell-1982 single
2. Take Her Down-1982 single
3. Backseat Driver-Hollywood Hills demo 1982
4. Born To Rock-Hollywood Hills demo 1982
5. Beyond Your Dreams-Nashville demo 1981
6. Love Machine-Home demo 1982
7. Ready To Explode-Home demo 1982
8. Killing Time-Home demo 1982
9. Make Up Your Mind-Larrabee session 1982
10. Down To The Wire-Home demo 1982
11. Out To Get You-Larrabee session 1982
12. Hot On Your Heels-Home demo 1982
13. On The Rox-Home demo 1982
14. American Metal-Larrabee session 1982
15. Let’s Spend The Night Together-Rolling Stones cover-Hollywood Hills demo 1982
16. Cold Day In Hell-lost version-Larrabee session 1982

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