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Steppes, The -Alive, Alive, Oh! cd


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The Steppes were an Irish guitar based neo-psychedelic rock band that emerged in the mid 1980s. By 1990 The Steppes were residing in different parts of the world (USA, Germany, Ireland) but still managed to record their fourth album, what many regard as their career defining album, “Harps And Hammers.” Like the albums preceding it received positive press and continued to finely hone the band’s developing sound. However soon after the release the band dissolved. This has been historically attributed to complications involved with getting the band all on the same continent. A live album ‘Alive Alive, Oh’ was released posthumously on Voxx records in 1991 much to the band’s dislike. However this release, recorded live in Germany, shows why European audience were so enamoured of this band. It begins with the power chords and mystical innuendos of “A Play on Wordsworth” and proceeds through an hour of highlights from their first four albums.

Track list:
1. A Play On Wordsworth
2. Master James
3. Its Te Real Time/Sailing The Silver Cloud
4. Sky Is Falling
5. Lazy Ol’ Son
6. Bad To Worse
7. 1812 Overture
8. Holding Up Well
9. If Wed But Care
10. Living So Dead
11. Tourists From Timenotyet
12. A Loney Girl
13. Make Us Bleed
14. No Names Yet For Henry

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Voxx Records

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VCD 2065

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