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Steve Perry –Street Talk lp [japan]


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Reduced price due to 3 stickers missing on the sheet and cover having miscoloration

Japan press with OBI-strip, 4 page insert and sticker sheet

Singer, songwriter, and powerhouse vocalist Steve Perry is best known for fronting arena rock legends Journey during their most successful run. From 1977 to 1987, his dynamic range and warm, instantly recognizable tone dominated rock radio, with songs like Don’t Stop Believin, Wheel In The Sky and Lights becoming part of the classic rock lexicon. In 1984 Perry released his first solo album, Street Talk. The album managed to put four songs into the Top 40, the biggest hit being Oh Sherrie, and the album would sell platinum. Even with Journey’s power ballad formula draping every runny lyric and mawkish keyboard stretch, Perry was able to make the album sound relatively steadfast and sincere all the while. Street Talk proves that Perry’s song writing and vocal prowess is worthy of its acclaim, but the musicianship that accompanies him throughout the album is noticeably weaker than what he is used to.

Track list:
1. Oh Sherrie
2. I Believe
3. Go Away
4. Foolish Heart
5. It’s Only Love
6. She’s Mine
7. You Should Be Happy
8. Running Alone
9. Captured By The Moment
10. Strung Out

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