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Stormlord -Far lp


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Black vinyl. Limited 500 copies

Far is the sixth album from the symphonic death metal act Stormlord. Some of the songs on this album are the fastest and most aggressive they have ever composed. And they are also filled with epic and solemn atmospheres and some of the best orchestrations they’ve ever conceived. A wide array of keys and strings blend harmoniously with an equally varied assortment of riffs, tremolos and vocal styles. In a field of new and younger bands the band still stand proud. Far performs admirably in the face of lofty expectations and stiff competition. The band still has a knack for epic constructs and the band embodies professional musicianship. While every track isn’t a winner, Stormlord are far from washed out and those with an appreciation for everything opulent will get a big kick out of Far.

Track list:
1. Leviathan
2. Mediterranea
3. Far
4. Sherden
5. Crimson
6. Cimmeria
7. Invictus
8. Romulus
9. Vacuna
10. Levante

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SC 358-1

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