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Strapping Young Lad –The New Black lp [white]


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2021 press on white vinyl

This is a band filled with musicians so talented the line-up looks like an all-star dream-band! Gene Hoglan is one of the finest drummers of all time and Devin Townsend is and has been for a long time everyone’s favourite musician! Not only does he manage to convey emotion better than anyone in metal history, he is one of the most consistent songwriters ever to come accross!’The new black’ is a perfect cumulation of all members’ talent! Guest apperance by Guests: Oderus Urungus (GWAR) – Guest Vocals on “Far Beyond Metal” Bif Naked – Guest Vocals on “Fucker” Cam Kroetsch – Guest Vocals on “You Suck”

Track listing:
1. Decimator
2. You Suck
3. The Antiproduct
4. Monument
5. Wrong Side (Of The Head)
6. Hope
7. Far Beyond Metal
8. Fucker
9. Almost Again
10. Polyphony
11. The New Black
12. The Long Pig
13. C Enter

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POSH 554

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