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Stratovarius -Infinite box [2 cd]


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Limited clam shell box with Infinite digipak cd, cd single, photo booklet and sticker

Infinite presents us with Stratovarius at the peak of their skills; every member of the band is an outstanding musician, and they possess compositional skills that are way above average. Timo Tolkki is undoubtedly one of the best guitar players and composers in the business. However, Stratovarius seems to be at a crossroads of creativity. Several songs on this album are incredible, most are standard high-quality Stratovarius material, and a couple are forgettable. With a little more stretch, this could have been their masterpiece. I feel they have an epic masterpiece in them, something on the order of a Dream Theater, Shadow Gallery, Symphony X, and other masters. Again, if you are already a Stratovarius fan, don’t hesitate to add this to your collection. And, if you are new to the band, this album is a good place to start, along with ‘Episode’ and ‘Visions’.

Track listing:
1. Hunting High And Low
2. Millenium
3. Mother Gaia
4. Phoenix
5. Glory Of The World
6. A Million Light Years Away
7. Freedom
8. Infinity
9. Celestial Dreams

Cd single:
1. Why Are We Here
2. Its A Mystery

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