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Striker –Eyes In The Night cd


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2012 re-issue with 5 bonus tracks

Eyes In The Night is truly life threatening, just anarchic, old school heavy metal, as it should always be done, with class and power, make a note of these bruisers, their time is coming on fast, this is potent stuff, brother, way better than most retro metal bands, it has a zany, crazy energy to it. Full of double bass drums throughout constantly pumping, along with lighting guitar work. Great vocals. If you love pure but fast heavy metal or speed metal then check this out. This 2012 re-issue includes the rare Road Warrior EP material as bonus.

Track list:
1. Full Speed Or No Speed
2. Eyes In The Night
3. We Don’t Play By The Rules
4. Never Ending Nights
5. The White Knight
6. The Voice Of Rock
7. Ice Cold
8. Terrorizer
9. Believe In Me
10. Hang On
11. Road Warrior-from the Road Warrior EP 2009
12. Lord Of The Sword-from the Road Warrior EP 2009
13. Fire-from the Road Warrior EP 2009
14. Dark Heart Of The City-from the Road Warrior EP 2009
15. The Keg That Crushed New York-from the Road Warrior EP 2009

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